• While the majority of compounds did not show differential inhibition between the cell-associated and cell-free infection systems the fact that artenimol, 5-azacytidine and dequalinium between 4-fold and 6-fold differences between systems suggests that there may be some therapeutic specificity between modes of viral transfer, however these…[Read more]

  • Gal-3 is considered to be a potential marker for aggressive tumors, including thyroid, prostate, and breast cancers (Chiu et al., 2010; Shankar et al., 2012). We now show that Mgat5 and Gal-3 expression are critical determinants of MVMp infection (Figs. 1–4). Therefore, we suspected that there could be a correlation between Gal-3 expression and…[Read more]

  • A total of 55 cox 1 nucleotide sequences of T. multiceps were analysed (52 from this study and the 3 T. multiceps variants, Tm1–Tm3). For the amplified 379 bp cox 1 dataset we identified 11 polymorphic sites of which 8 were parsimony informative. The number of transitions and transversions detected for the cox 1 sequences of T. multiceps were 7…[Read more]

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    Interestingly, atomic structures of NDV HN (Fig. 3A) and PIV5 HN (Fig. 3B) (Welch et al., 2013; Yuan et al., 2011) full-length proteins displayed two drastically different arrangements of the globular head domains with respect to the stalk, when compared to the previously observed PIV5 HN dimer-of-dimer arrangement (Fig. 3C) (Yuan et al., 2005).…[Read more]

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    Concluding remarksOvine paratuberculosis is a global concern that has received minimal attention in many countries, due to the low value of sheep, low to moderate levels of the disease in most sheep populations and the focus on other diseases of sheep and paratuberculosis in cattle. Just as the disease moves slowly through small ruminant…[Read more]

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    The SERS spectra of acetyl-[Leu28,31]-NPY(24-36) in the Ag and Au sols (Fig. 3a and b) are dominated by the characteristic Raman bands due to the Tyr residue(s) vibrations. These include the c.a. 1597, c.a. 1342, c.a. 1311, c.a. 1267, c.a. 1205, c.a. 1173, c.a. 1128, c.a. 937, c.a. 850, c.a. 832, and c.a. 643cm−1 bands (see Table 1 for detailed…[Read more]

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    ExperimentalFor the GC–MS analyses, methanol and diphenylamine both from Merck (Darmstadt, Germany) were used as solvent and as internal standard for the quantitative measurements, respectively. Tablet samples were selected from different seizures made by São Paulo’s State Police (from August 2011 to July 2012). Macroscopic aspects (color, shape,…[Read more]

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    Hydropathy analysis predicted that N110R had 12 transmembrane domains with a large gap between transmembranes 2 and 3 and a long C-terminal intracellular domain of ~160 amino acids. The amino ck2 inhibitor sequence identity with its closest relative from a plant, HAK5 from Arabidopsis thaliana, is 36% (Table 1).Like the viral encoded K+ channels,…[Read more]

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    MethodologyThe methodological framework of this paper is influenced by the established research on the EU’s external perception. The authors rely on Holland and Chaban’s (2008) as well as Kaveshnikov’s (2007) approaches for analyzing mass media’s content about the EU. However, our dataset includes only those publications, which are…[Read more]

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    The yields obtained from 10,000mg of lyophilized M. charantia CE standardised were: 2% (200mg) in the n-hexane fraction; 5.05% (505mg) in di-chloromethane; 29% (2900mg) in n-butanol; and 5.09% (509mg) in the aqueous fraction. Before we tested the effect of CE and subfractions of M. charantia in F. hepatica miracidia development, we checked whether…[Read more]

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    ResultsDiscussionIn the present survey we used Fulleborn’s method for endoparasiteidentification in fecal samples. It is a good method for detection gastrointestinal helminthes and protozoan parasites, but it has a low sensitivity in case of Trichuris vulpis infestation in dogs and for larvae detection (Połozowski et al., 2006). However this…[Read more]

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    Several studies have shown that NFARs can both positively and negatively regulate transcription from several viral promoters in mammalian cells. For instance, NF90 inhibits transcription from the major late 1 promoter of adenovirus, whereas it activates transcription from the cytomegalovirus (CMV) and SV40 promoters (Reichman et al., 2002;…[Read more]

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    DiscussionThe care of a pregnant patient with breast cancer involves the utilization of a multidisciplinary team, including a geneticist, obstetrician, maternal–fetal medicine specialist, medical oncologist, surgical oncologist and neonatologist. Early ultrasound dating should be obtained in order to provide adequate counseling regarding…[Read more]

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    Avian HEV, belonging to the genus Orthohepevirus, is classified as a separate, floating species in the Hepeviridae family (Smith et al., 2014) and is a single-stranded, positive sense RNA virus. The complete genome of the virus is approximately 6.6kb, which is 600 base pairs (bp) smaller than those of swine and human HEVs, and consists of three…[Read more]

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    In the current study, EPO, EPO-R and PDGF-BB were detected by IHC in canine and feline osteosarcomas. The EPO and EPO-R immunostaining pattern was comparable between both species. The PDGF-BB results are in accordance with previous reports for dogs (Maniscalco et al., 2013). The distribution of PDGF-BB in the cat was partly perivascular in…[Read more]

  • AcknowledgmentsWe thank Febe Elena Cázares Raga and Fidel de la Cruz Hernández-Hernández for their advice on the proteomic studies, Blanca Ramírez Herrera for technical assistance, Arturo Perez-Taylor for informatics and art design and Emma Saavedra Lira for reviewing the English language. This work was supported by Conacyt grant No.…[Read more]

  • In the follow-up article by Sutton et al. (2013b), both behaviour-based pain scales (EAAPS-1 and -2) were validated by means of digital film clips showing horses with various degrees of acute colic and control horses. Inter-observer reliability was very good for both EAAPS scales (ICC > 0.75), while the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) that was used…[Read more]

  • One other member of the class Tritrichomonadea, Tritrichomonas foetus, is a venereal pathogen in cattle responsible for substantial economic loss due to vaginitis and infertility in female cattle (BonDurant, 1997). Infection with T. foetus is notifiable (Terrestrial Animal Health Code, Chapter 11.13, Office Internationale des Epizooties O.I.E.)…[Read more]

  • MERS-CoV has been isolated from nasal swabs of young dromedaries (Wernery, 2014; Wernery et al., 2015a; Bin et al., 2016), but has not been recovered from adult dromedaries. Over the last 3 years, several hundred samples have been tested at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, Dubai, for the presence of MERS-CoV at post-mortem examination…[Read more]

  • ConclusionIn summary, our survey shows that RVA and RVC are circulating in the population of wild boar in the Czech Republic. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time the prevalence of RVC was assessed in wild boars. RVA strains isolated from wild boars were genetically described and close relationship with human and domestic pig RVA…[Read more]

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